15 Link Building Ideas for Better SEO


Posted on March 20, 2015 by Aaron Johnson

I was recently working on a project where I had to really dive deep into the link building strategy for a particular client. While doing my research I ran across everything from tactics in 2006 that have thrown some website into a Google purgatory to all the white hat must dos in 2015.  I have always found SEO Moz, SEO Book, and Search Engine Land to be great resources in general for all things SEO.

So without further ado here are the top 15 link building ideas I found most helpful.

1. If you need to build a post with a lot of content build a top “101 list”. A lot of times these will get Dugg or shared on social and can provide some pretty decent link juices to your site. If they are useful enough others will link to it naturally on their blogs.

2. For quick and easy posts do a “top 10 tips and tricks” [ehm]. Its quick and easy for the user to get the information and go. They also have high incentive to share if useful to the user and the niche they serve.

3. Make a list of extensive resources for a specific topic. Use your bookmarks and stay organized with all the tools available to you. There are a lot out there.

4. Flattery is the best form of incentive to share. Find experts in the field and make them part of a top 25 list. They would love to tell everyone they made it!

5. Do the opposite of #2 and create a list of myths or common misconceptions in your specific industry.

6. Join your local business sites and directories. Join the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, City or Government sites, LGBT sites, local libraries, etc.

7. Review relevant products on retail sites like Amazon, eBay, Alexa, ePinions or whatever you niche is in.

8. Link to other blogs. Its good to have friends in low places. Its better to have friends in high places.

9. Become a sponsor of something. Maybe a local charity, something seasonal, or community driven. They almost always feature you as sponsor on their site.

10. Create original and useful tools. A calendar for show times, a traffic estimator, or price comparisons.

11. Footer links are generally frowned upon. But in my industry its appropriate to link in the footer. In this case, point it to an internal page.

12. Offer something free for a review, feedback, or mention.

13. If you have the resources…. Launch a firefox or chrome browser extension.

14. Anyone can take formal pictures. It’s the drunk celebrities and people in their underwear that makes for great link bait on social media. I decided to test the truth of cats and clicking for this post.

15. Make sure whatever it is you create – videos, tips, tricks, infographics, etc – make sure it is useful. Quality and originality equals virtuality.

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