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Building strong website foundation

Don't forget to take donut breaks.

You have to bake the batter before you can ice the cake. We develop a strong foundation for your website.

Step One


Accomplished by, understanding key features and functionality. We do this by understanding who your users are and how you envision them interacting with your website. What is the end goal and what type of website development is needed?

-User Acceptance Test

LGBT Nashville website development

Step Two


During this step, our team of experts will be building the foundation of the website and applying the needed functionalities that were sourced from the Gather Phase.

We have expertise that spans that gamma!

 -LARAVEL SMARAVEL, you pick it, we got you.

Develop custom websites

Step Three


Quality is first and foremost in website development. We accomplish the functionality needed for end-to-end performance through extensive internal testing including _______. Once we have passed through our own QA and testing protocols we collaborate with your team to ensure your website functionality meets the desired expectations. 

-selenium / Test suite

Step Four


We will launch your website into a production environment where we will ensure the stability and fluidity of your website’s performance. Quality assurance will be ongoing, and we will monitor the website’s performance closely, including search engine optimization.

High performance website developers in Nashville

Step Five


Part of any development process is continuing to maintain that high quality that you achieved during your initial website development phase. Long term maintenance ensures quality, consistency, and optimal performance.

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