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If you ain’t first (page), you’re last. You always have to put in work to increase your ranking, and we never ever quit.

Here’s how we improve your Search Engine Optimization..

Step One

Site Audit

A site audit is the process of analyzing how you match up to best practices. It is one of the first steps to creating an implementation plan. We can achieve this in a few different ways but for sake of ease some are listed below…

  • User Testing
  • Heat Mapping – visualize user behavior using multiple heat maps and settings
  • Data Collection – visibility of where visitors drop off, understand reasoning, get to know audience with tools integration
  • Session Recording – analyze what your website visitors see and how they interact with the page content
Technical SEO Website Audit Service

Step Two


After an extensive Site Audit ( not as bad as it sounds), we will provide our recommendations for how to achieve higher page rankings. It’s not a simple walk in the park but with our help we can help make steady strides to those glorious first pages of Google.

Step Three


Clean and cut process. We take our recommendations and work our magic.

Step Four


This process is never-ending. Search Engine Optimization is always changing, your competitors are always expanding, we have to stay ahead of the game. Processes 1-3 are completed in an ongoing manner to make sure you do not lag behind.

Our Work