Creating video stories for businesses

If a picture is worth a thousand words... 🤩

Video use in any funnel strategies is essential in telling the stories of your brand. We produce your high quality videos that serve your need, and this is how we do it…

Step One

Build the Backbone

We work with you to make sure that we have your end goal in mind and that we understand the full breadth of the video you’re hoping to create. We can create anything from a short product clip to a full scale commercial, so understanding your needs on the front end is crucial.

Step Two


At this stage we will take product shots and additional assets to understand the flow and need for the project. We will build a shotlist to know what sections of the video will need to be filmed when and where to ensure project fluidity and efficiency. We will also be accumulating any needed assets along the way to build out the depth of the video.

Step Three

Smile for the Camera!

Depending on the direction of the video, it’s now your time to shine! Who hasn’t dreamt of being on the big screen? Our team of experts help make the recording process as simple as possible.

Step Four

Red Carpet Time

Now that we have completed the production of your masterpiece it’s time to get it in the hands of its anxious viewers. A plan is set in place for release across the desired platforms and we always remember to take a backup for your home videos down the road.

Our Work