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Great ideas don't equal success.

“I had the idea for Uber.” πŸ˜’
You’re idea is only an idea until you put pen to paper. A strategic marketing plan is how you take it from an idea to concept and then from concept to reality. 😍

Our Marketing Strategy process is…

Step One

Research, Research, Research

We work with you and your team to understand your business objectives and your customer base to provide a custom strategic marketing plan to achieve your goals. We begin by interviewing your team, and then we proceed to deep dive into the marketing to gain a complete understanding of how we can achieve success for your business.

Step Two

Building Personas

To truly know how to market and build your brand, we need to understand your customers. Who are the desired customer profiles, or personas, that are instrumental in building the success and long term viability of your business? Identifying these personas help us build custom campaigns that achieve results in all areas of your company.

Step Three

Campaign Identification

What is our omni-channel approach, and how do we want to tackle the market to drive success?

Step Four

KPIs and Goals

For each sector of our strategic marketing plan, what are the realistic key performance indicators and goals for use to measure against? How do we ensure success in our campaign performance by setting goals that we can work against to continue to optimize performance on a regular basis. KPIs and goals are paramount in ensuring that our marketing plan is always on track.

Step Five

Resource Allocation

We allocate a team of experts to execute our strategic marketing plan and to ensure all campaigns are successful in targeting key personas and hitting our KPIs and goals . In addition, it’s important that they are experts in AB testing the marketing campaigns to optimize performance.

Step Six


Our strategic marketing plan is then delivered to you to use ongoing through your own internal efforts or through partnership with our team. We present to you all of the campaigns, marketing channels, personas, and KPIs and goals so that you have complete visibility into your long term strategy.

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