Website Design

I know you know you need a new website 🙃

“Why am I not ranking higher? Why am I not achieving my sales goals? Why does nobody want to talk to me?” Spoiler alert: it can probably all be tied back to your website. We…

Step One

Goal Indentification

We work with you to determine what goals the new website needs to fulfill and its purpose.


Step Two

Scope Definition

Once we know the website goals, we can define the scope of the projects including web pages and features the site requires to fulfill the goal.


Step Three

Sitemap & Wireframing

With the scope well-defined, we can start digging more into the sitemap and defining how the content and features will interrelate.


Step Four

Content Creation

Now that we have a bigger picture of the site in mind, we can start creating content for the individual pages, always keeping search engine optimization (SEO) in mind to help keep pages focused on a single topic. It’s vital that you have real content to work with for our next stage:


Step Five

Design Mock-Up

Now it’s time for the fun part! We create every website in XD to define a design based on the visual brand.  Moodboards and element collages help with this process.


Step Six

Off to Development

After a design is approved, we pass this off to the development team.