3 Facebook Advertising Agency Tips


Posted on August 19, 2019 by Aaron Johnson

All too often as marketers, we hear clients and potential clients say that Facebook Ads don’t work for their business. Maybe they believe that, in their industry, social media isn’t useful or maybe they’re one of the oldschoolers that thinks that social media marketing is a hoax in general. There are a million different things that we hear, but the truth is, they’re all excuses.

Facebook has billions of users. We’ll say it one more time. Facebook has billions of users. There are that many people using the platform on a daily basis and yet, people still have the audacity to say that reaching their target market on Facebook is an impossibility.

The truth is if you haven’t had success using Facebook ads, then you are not constructing effective ad campaigns.

So how do you create you effective Facebook Ads?

We are glad that you asked. There are three different keys to creating an effective Facebook ad campaign: Killer content, killer copywriting, and accurate audience targeting.

“So where do I start?”

Start with content. What’s the first thing that you notice when you are scrolling your Facebook feed? You notice the content! A well-written article or an inspirational quote doesn’t catch your eye. It’s the shocking video or the stunning photo on your feed that catches your eye and then draws you in towards the rest of the advertisement. Make sure that it is both quality and relevant content. Below are two examples of content. One is quality and one is not. Can you guess which one is which?

Okay, we know it’s pretty obvious. But you get the point. Focus on creating content that is consistent with the quality and the message of your brand.


Focus on quality copywriting. Too many brands and businesses are allowing copywriting to go by the wayside with the focus becoming much more on content creation. Whatever you do, do not underestimate the power of your copy. In the same way that your content creates a first impression for your brand, so does your copywriting.

There are many different tips and tricks to remember in regards to your copywriting, but the most important thing to remember is to evoke emotion in your audience. Rather than just providing a dull, lazy call to action to try and make a quick sale, try to write from the perspective of your audience. What are their fears? What are their insecurities?

If you were writing a headline for a weight-loss supplement, you could write something like this:

“Try Hydroxycut- the number one weight-loss supplement in the world.”

Why would you ever click on that? You wouldn’t. It evokes no emotion and is clearly just a lazy advertisement.

But, what about something like this?:

“Tired of not being able to fit into your jeans from last summer? Try Hydroxycut- the number one weight-loss supplement in the world.”

That is going to be way more effective, because to someone who struggles with their weight, not fitting into their clothes is a giant insecurity of theirs that they will pay to alleviate.

Last, but not least…

Without the proper audience targeting, all of the work above will be useless.

You can have the greatest content and the most phenomenal copywriting in the industry, but without the proper targeting you’re not going to hit the right audience to sell products or services.

For those of you who are new to audience targeting, follow the steps below to create your ideal audience:

You will first see the audience creation dashboard:

Now it’s time to select a gender- Whatever you do, make sure that the gender you select matches the product or service that you are selling!

How old are the members of your audience?

Location, location, location- This is a part of the audience targeting that we constantly see being screwed up. Too many business owners think that the wider the audience, the better their ad will perform, and that’s simply not the case. If you’re are a roofing company in Arizona, why on Earth would you be targeting the entire United States? Think about who you serve and decide what makes sense for you.

Who is your audience?- If you’re just starting off with Facebook ad campaigns, you’re going to want to use interest-based targeting. Target interests that are related to your business, because these are going to essentially target “warm leads” for your business!

Now, put it all together!

We’ve talked about creating killer content, writing killer copy, and now using accurate audience targeting. It’s important to remember that using just one of these strategies will not produce your most effective ad campaigns. You have to put all of them to use in the same ad campaign, and that is where you are going to see the most significant results in running your Facebook advertising campaigns.

We’d also be happy to talk more with you about how to optimize your current Facebook Ad spend. Just shoot us a note!

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