3 Visual Social Media Marketing Tips


Posted on February 26, 2014 by Aaron Johnson

Did you know that images featured in social media updates have engagement rates 600x higher than written content? It’s true. People enjoy viewing images far more than reading text.


If you’re looking to revamp your social media posts, check out these three tips for adding visual content to your social media marketing campaign.


  1. Take a picture at the office.  Your social media followers want to know you’re a real person. Show them!


  1. Create infographics. Instead of a bulleted list, create an infographic to visually display your information. It’s a lot more fun and interesting to view statistics and helpful tips when there are corresponding pictures.


  1. Pinterest, Instagram and Vine. Gone are the days when simple Facebook posts and one-sentence Tweets drove engagement. Now, top brands are relying on social media platforms designed specifically for visual content to increase brand awareness and boost engagement.


Given these tips, which do you plan to use in your social media marketing campaign?


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