3 Tools for Finding and Interacting with Your Market Online


Posted on August 20, 2015 by Aaron Johnson

How to Use Free Online Tools to Identify and Target Prospects Online

Identifying and targeting your market online takes time and the right toolset. Make sure that you are reaching your intended audience by engaging a marketing agency in Nashville and by using free online tools to cut through the noise and find qualified leads and opportunities. Check out these free online tools and tips to get started:

  • Commun.it – Social media influencers can help you reach prospects in a non-branded and organic way. Commun.it is specifically geared for the Twitter and Facebook communities. This tool helps individuals and organizations discover the right content to post for campaign targeting and helps them find influencers and customer audiences. Large companies like Coca-Cola and Microsoft use the site regularly.
  • Cyfe – This tool is a multifunctional dashboard for many different business processes. Companies who use the premium version pay to monitor all their online interactions and analyze data in certain fields. With the free version, you can access a limited number of boards and data widgets to improve your targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Marketing Grader – Find out how effective your current campaign is by using this free online tool to understand whether your efforts are generating qualified leads, if your blog is getting noticed, and if other online activities are producing results.
  • Google Alerts – Set up alerts on your competitors and get the information in your email inbox. Find out when your competition is being mentioned online or keep track of top industry news for content inspiration to draw your audience to your site.

Regular social engagement, posting relevant content, and earning inbound links can all improve your chances of finding and converting your target market. In conjunction with a marketing agency in Nashville like Social Link, these free online tools can help you understand where your online efforts stand and how to start strategically improving your campaigns for a better ROI.

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