4 Tips For Better SEO


Posted on May 11, 2018 by Aaron Johnson

4 Tips For Better SEO

With a website that has gone live on the internet, you might think that your work has come to an end. Not so considering that there is another task ahead; ensuring that you remain on the first page of the search engines. Having quality content is also not sufficient, you must make it search engine friendly. How then, do you achieve a site that is well optimized?

  1. Keywords

Search engines spiders crawl through content in search of words or phrases. These words are also known as keywords. They help online users to find what they are looking for quickly. Therefore, to improve your site’s ranking, mind the keywords. Make sure you use them interweaved through the content.

  1. Top-notch content

Webmasters keep emphasizing the need for quality content. Take their word seriously by generating and posting information that people will find useful. Web users use the internet to look for answers, find products or for entertainment. To keep them engaged, post content that meets their expectation; something they cannot help but share with others.

  1. Use links

Interlinking your webpages ensures that the person navigating through your site keeps going from one page to another. Therefore, have three or four links per page but on relevant anchor texts. For instance, if your website is about landscaping, the anchor text should be something related, e.g. ‘maintaining your lawn.’

  1. Image descriptions

Images keep visitors glued to your web pages. Besides, they beautify your site and make it appealing to the eye. Ensure that you have given short descriptions to your images, but they should be informative.

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