5 Tips For Creating Social Headlines


Posted on May 8, 2018 by Aaron Johnson

5 Tips For Creating Social Headlines


A good headline is a doorway to your article. In online circles, people tend to judge the nature of content by the headline it bears. Besides attracting visitors, it also means that your site gets high traffic and search engines attention. Before you write a headline, think about these ideas below:

  1. Length

Google, for the sake of discussion, only shows up to 60 characters of web content’s title. Keep your headlines below 55 characters. Other than the risk of a headline cut-off by a search engine, people prefer and do go for content with short headlines.

  1. Deliver what you promise

Being dishonest or misleading will make you lose the much-needed audience. If you promise your readers five tips, do not give them three or four. Also, match the subject covered with the headline’s theme.

  1. Use numbers

Social headlines that have numbers leave a better impact than generic ones. Internet users are busy people who want to skim before proceeding to other things. For conciseness, use low numbers and for comprehensiveness, use high numbers.

  1. Avoid asking questions with no answers

Question-based headlines pique a reader’s interest. People want to read articles that provide them with solutions. Write a headline that will make a reader want to know how the article ends.

  1. Utilize power words

Headlines that use adjectives (words that describe) grab the attention of readers. They make you want to read on to the end. Examples include “valuable, useful, beautiful, and effortless.” At the same time incorporate power words such as ‘free,’ ‘new,’ ‘you’ and ‘instantly.’




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