25 Best Tips for Email Marketing


Posted on May 19, 2015 by Aaron Johnson

Top 25 Best E-mail Marketing Tips

E-mail marketing is a great way to stay relevant in your customers’ minds. An expertly crafted campaign can be targeted to select audiences to drive customers and convert them to buyers. Aside from capturing new customers, it’s also an effective tool for building customer loyalty. Follow these best tips for e-mail marketing and ensure the success of your campaign.

  1. Make it easier to register with several options. Don’t ask for too much information.
  2. Offer valuable incentives for joining.
  3. Customize your messages and make them personal.
  4. Make text easy to read and don’t forget to alt tag images!
  5. Don’t make promises you can’t fulfill.
  6. Make sure to include relevant details in the e-mail, so they can learn about the product quickly.
  7. Optimize your e-mails for mobile devices.
  8. Provide information on what they will be receiving from you in subsequent e-mails.
  9. Position the registration box in a visible and easily accessible part of the e-mail.
  10. Use social media to drive e-mail registration.
  11. Monitor your results and cater accordingly.
  12. Make it easy for readers to unsubscribe if they want.
  13. Incorporate a content marketing strategy in your e-mails. Make sure the content is high-quality and relevant.
  14. Use lots of links within the e-mail.
  15. Don’t overdo it on the images, they may not even show up in the e-mail.
  16. Make sure your e-mail list is clean. Remove bad e-mail addresses so you don’t get flagged as spam.
  17. Send a test e-mail to yourself before sending to the main list.
  18. Ask users to add you to their contact list so they don’t miss information from you.
  19. Incorporate your social media profile with buttons.
  20. If you have an e-mail list, use it! Always create interesting newsletters to send to subscribers.
  21. Never, ever buy e-mails from another source. It’s spammy and will punish your business in the long-run.
  22. Don’t overuse your privilege by sending out constant, boring newsletters. Only send newsletter that are relevant and well-crafted.
  23. Always perform A/B tests to find the following info: what time is best to send e-mails, where the registration box is most effectively positioned, what types of e-mails to send, and what titles work best.
  24. Cater e-mails to cross-sell and up-sell. If you know what your customers are buying, you can suggest related products they may also like.
  25. Watch your competitors’ campaigns, but don’t copy their practices – one-up them!




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