Is Drupal Right for Your Business? 3 Questions to Ask


Posted on March 3, 2014 by Aaron Johnson

Drupal’s web development platform is the top choice for many brands, including IKEA, Zynga and Tesla Motors. In fact, Drupal powers approximately 2% of all websites. So what’s all the hype about, you ask? Take a look.

1. Do you have a complex website that needs a better design? 

Unlike other web development platforms, Drupal is an ideal solution for businesses with established websites. Drupal is designed to perfectly manage complex websites.

2. Do you want to stand out from the competition? 

With Drupal’s vast array of customizable modules, your business’ website has the tools needed to stand out from the competition. No wonder celebrities like Eric Clapton and Britney Spears trust their online presence to Drupal!

 3. Do you need powerful tools at your fingertips?

Drupal’s integrated social media, SEO and Google Analytics tools provide convenient access to your most valuable virtual resources.

Are you considering making the switch to Drupal?

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