Virtual Genius: Why More Great Talent is Working Remotely


Posted on September 11, 2017 by Aaron Johnson

Working Virtual: Great for Employees, Awesome For You

Why More Employees are Going Virtual… And Why That’s Great For Your Business

Digital marketing is an increasingly complex business, and the masters of the trade are in high demand. With many opportunities to move to large agencies or small, more and more of these top employees are electing to do neither. Instead, they’re going virtual, choosing to work remotely. Here’s why that’s great news for them… and fantastic news for clients.

A recent HiveDesk survey found that 80% of marketing agencies experienced higher productivity with their remote employees. The reasons cited by hiring managers? Zero commute time, fewer interruptions, less time in meetings, and reduced sick days. But the biggest advantage is talent. Gallup reports that virtual employees are better educated, more experienced, and more self-motivated. They can work anywhere, so they choose to work from home.

Small wonder that virtual employees are generally happier in their work (according to a TinyPulse, 8.1 satisfaction on a 1-10 scale, compared to 7.44 for office-bound employees).

The benefits to employees flow straight to the bottom line. Virtual agencies aren’t forced to hire locally or relocate—they can find talent where it lives. That, plus the savings in office-related costs, gives virtual agencies a competitive edge.

If you’re great at what you do and thinking about going virtual, let’s talk. If you’re a business looking for strategic digital marketing, we’d love to tell you more reasons about the advantages of hiring Social Link… your virtual marketing department.

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