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Posted on March 10, 2017 by Aaron Johnson

Do you know how many varieties of apples are grown in the world? Neither do we, but I bet you just added it to your “Google” list. In the same way, I bet you didn’t consider that your company does more than just what your main website domain says it does. Many companies own only one domain name. Generally it is the organization’s business name, or if that domain name was not available, the domain is some variation of that business name. Beyond that, many organizations have not thought through how to incorporate keywords into their domain to accompany their digital marketing strategy.

You have likely done some sort of keyword research to see which keywords are related to your business and can be effective for blogging, PPC, advertising, hashtag use and SEO work. You can also extend this information to your domain name strategy.

Why do you want keyword domain names?

1. Create your main website on a domain name using keywords relevant to your business for SEO value and affect your search engine ranking.

2. Catch direct traffic from consumers who use online search regularly in their buying behavior.

3. Forward the additional keyword-rich domains to your main website.

4. Use a keyword domain name as a landing page or microsite and link back to the main website.

5. Create a stand-alone blog on that website that you can share socially and link back to your main website.

Example Use Cases of Strategic Keyword Domains

You may own a mortgage company in Nashville. Home mortgage, mortgage rates, mortgage, and reverse mortgage are all popular keywords for that industry. They are also very popular keywords worldwide, thus the domain names related to those keywords are more expensive. However, there are still opportunities to purchase mortgage-related domain names. (Such as

On another note, maybe you own a furniture store in Nashville and want to find people looking for new bedroom furniture. The domain name may be a good option for you. Many potential customers will search for “bedroom sets” or “bedroom groups” and since Google gives first priority to local search, you can gain a lot of traffic if you have good content on your website that relates to bedroom groups. You can also catch a lot of type-in traffic into the toolbar when users search for “bedroom groups” that way.

This strategy can also work for service-based companies. Home-based food delivery in niche industries are becoming very popular in cities. You could be a service-based company that provides pre-made vegan meals. In this case would be a good keyword domain name for you to own. The search and type-in traffic would be great opportunities for your business to connect with people looking for this type of service.

Buying keyword-rich domain names and building a site or forwarding the traffic on that domain can quickly help your online marketing and start producing leads that grow your business. With some simple keyword research and working with a domain name consultant, there are many keyword domain options you can utilize and incorporate into your online marketing efforts to reach new customers.

Guest Post By: Mailynne Calvin
Domain Name & Digital Marketing Consultant
Co-founder at

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