LinkedIn Social Marketing


Posted on May 23, 2013 by Aaron Johnson


Of all the social networks, stats show that business owners should be spending the most time on LinkedIn, yet this social network is often the most overlooked. In terms of social marketing, business owners spend so much time focused on Facebook and Twitter – which is great! – but LinkedIn users have the highest median income at $109,000 and are more likely to do business deals online than other social network users.


So what does it take to optimize your LinkedIn presence? Fortunately, achieving results doesn’t take a heavy time investment and only requires activity 3-5 days a week. For best results, try spending 30-45 minutes on LinkedIn a day, diffusing your time around morning, noon, and night when traffic is substantially higher. To maximize your impact, share the majority of your posts during weekdays and focus on social engagement during the weekend.

Advanced LinkedIn Strategies

Now that you know the best times to interact on LinkedIn, it’s time to consider more advanced strategies. These best practices for LinkedIn will help you accelerate your social network growth this year.


  1. Identify Thought Leaders in Your Industry. Compile a list of the top thought leaders of your industry on LinkedIn. Once you have the list, connect with them on LinkedIn as well as their other social networks. By slowly cultivating a LinkedIn relationship with these leaders, they might eventually share your posts to their established group of followers. Before they’ll ever share your content, though, be sure to share their posts to your network and truly seek to engage with them.
  2. Join a group. By joining a LinkedIn group specific to your industry, you can easily connect with other professionals who are inherently interested in your business and what you have to offer. Don’t be self-promotional. Instead, add to the discussion and cultivate relationships with the group’s most active and influential members.
  3. Think from the consumer’s point of view. On LinkedIn, it’s tempting to get very technical with your language and place the focus on your professional experience. Instead, make your profile summary compelling, relatable, and memorable. In other words, treat your LinkedIn profile like it’s content from your website. Yes, you want to showcase important information, but make it pop – make it catchy!


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