Hot Marketing Trends and Tips for Today


Posted on August 27, 2015 by Aaron Johnson

Learn More about the Hottest Digital Marketing Trends and Tips of Today

When it comes to online marketing, Nashville is a hub of talented marketers and designers who understand the latest and greatest trends for a business of any size. Keep your business on the cutting edge of local and worldwide marketing with these top trends and tips for August.

  • Try gamification – Gamifying your content with online quizzes, contests, and competitions is a great way to learn more about your site visitors and to encourage online interactions. The interactive nature of gamification allows your visitors to immerse themselves in your brand while engaging with the site in new and interesting ways.
  • Go local – Geolocation is helping retailers target customers with deals and messaging while they’re in or near stores. Make sure that your target market can find your business by incorporating geolocation data into your web design and activities.
  • Research before posting – The NY Times and other established publications have been in hot water over the last few years for posting stories without adequate verification. Always double check your sources before posting something newsworthy or unique on your own site or social media profiles.
  • Focus on your audience – Take a breather from following data-driven SEO goals every once in a while and think about the needs of your customer from a personal perspective. Analytics and trending techniques will only take your brand so far. Always align your marketing goals with the happiness of your customers first, and then work on online optimization.
  • Answer market questions directly – Instead of worrying over your next blog topic, find out what your audience is searching for and answer their most pressing questions. Your question and answer may be the one users find when they type their questions into a search engine.

Find the latest tips and trends for marketing in Nashville and act on them with help from our team. Let us know how we can help you meet your marketing goals.

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