Meadowbrooks Farm Selects Digital Marketing Agency


Posted on May 5, 2015 by Aaron Johnson

Exeland, WI May 3rd, 2015 – Meadowbrooks Farm is springing into action this month with a brand new e-Commerce store. The beloved family farm recently announced its intentions to partner with the digital development company Social Link to launch a new web site.

For years, the Meadowbrooks family farm has grown some of the finest cranberries in Wisconsin. Locally, Meadowbrooks is celebrated for its homemade products. It produces superb jams, mouth-watering chutney, and a slew of other products.

Yvonne, the owner of the farm, is excited for the upcoming changes.

Soon, all of Meadowbrooks nonperishables will be available through its online store at Social Link is helping Meadowbrooks Farm imprint its brand on the site and roll out a splendid new design. You can find all of the events on the farm.

Scheduling, hours, and contact information will all be available. All of its products, from dried cranberries to cranberry chutney, will have product and pricing information. This will enable its devoted customers to order pie ingredients from the comfort of home.

The community is excited about the move, too.

All of its products have been made within the family for several decades. The Meadowbrooks name is built on freshly-grown cranberries and some of the best cranberry chutney in Wisconsin. Anyone familiar with Meadowbrooks will recognize the freshness of its food and the pointed tart taste of its pastries, and anyone who has spent time at the farm knows how much they care about what they do. That infectious, positive passion has bled into the site’s design, as well.

If you are looking for a new source of homemade treats, check out Meadowbrook’s new website. Feel free to stop by the page, drop an email, or find it on Facebook.

Meadowbrooks Farm is excited to be a part of the online conversation.

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