Meerkat, the Video-Based Social Media Site Companies Should Watch


Posted on March 26, 2015 by Aaron Johnson

The new social video app called Meerkat is quickly gaining popularity. You have likely heard of its incredible versatility. Launched in February earlier this year, it began gaining traction around the beginning of March.

At the end of March, Meerkat already has more than 120,000 users. With this app, users stream live videos, uploading the content to Twitter which then invites followers to the stream.

There are a few explanations for why this app is so popular:

  • Our brains are predisposed to connect to others via faces when learning new things. Users are far more likely to retain information when they can see the face of the person imparting the content.
  • Aesthetic appeal matters to our eyes. Hollywood uses pretty people to reach us at our basest levels.
  • Body language imparts more information than words. What this means for marketing is that if the person showcasing a product is excited, followers will get excited, too.

How Can Your Business Use Meerkat?

First, let us answer why you want to stream directly to customers. The answer is very simple: users want personalized content. Internet marketing in Nashville is no different than anywhere else in the country, so consider wide reaching techniques. To be successful anywhere, you must capture your audience directly with personality, and there is nothing more personal than engaging someone directly. Meerkat allows customers to speak to marketers and business owners directly via Twitter and ask questions while the stream is still live.

Consider these specifics instances where Meerkat could help your business:

  • Events. If you are hosting or advertising an event, your company can keep people that live far away from missing a conference, special reveal, or important information. You can provide videos that show things “behind the scenes.” Treat it like the ever popular special features on DVDs.
  • New Products. Major video game companies wait until E3 to show off their new products. Apple regularly holds product launch events to display new iPhones, tablets, and other devices. Meerkat allows companies to not only show products directly, but also answer questions consumers may have been directly addressed. Companies can also release important promotional material or talk about upcoming sales.
  • Interviews. Great leaders make themselves accessible. Instead of sending blasts from the CEO or doing reddit AMAs, company leaders can speak directly to their consumers.

The possibilities are endless, ranging from telling stories, launching new hashtag campaigns, or giving tips on using products. Get involved!

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