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Posted on August 4, 2015 by Aaron Johnson

Sticky sites encourage visitors to stay just a little longer each time they click on your landing page because they have features that remain constant throughout a site visit. Applying tactics used on sticky sites is critical because you only have seconds to make your Nashville web design stand out from the other search results.

Long scrolling sites are here to stay. Without sticky web elements, you could be missing out on potential engagement. Which sticky features are more likely to get you noticed right now?

  • Page navigation buttons – On mobile devices and desktop computers, scrolling up from a long page can become annoying fast. Give your visitors a little help with a simple arrow button to facilitate navigation to the top or bottom of your webpage.
  • Social media icons – Give your readers every opportunity to turn your content into something shareable by leaving social media buttons pinned in place on your website. Opt for the websites your audience engages with most, and let your site visitors do some marketing for you! Nashville web design trends are focusing on making content sharing a natural part of the website engagement process. The ShareThis tool is great and offers a variety of social sharing sites to chose from so you can be selective of where your audience is.
  • Headers – Sticky headers can include navigation cues and may or may not highlight the main heading of an individual page. For longer pages, make sure to stick attention-getting headings at the top. The longer a person is exposed to the visual and written content, the more likely the image will remain in his or her head and encourage action behaviors later on.
  • CTAs – Choose specific pages to include a sticky call-to-action. Keep it simple and make it a natural part of the design theme. Your visitors should always have an opportunity to “reach out,” “call now,” “learn more” or “subscribe to a newsletter”.

Flat visual design, simplistic elements, and concise written content are all trends that have remained strong through the first half of 2015. Use your choice of sticky features with elegant, eye-catching, and engaging Nashville web designs that will keep your audience on your site.

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