A Quick Guide to Optimizing Your website for Bing


Posted on April 7, 2015 by Aaron Johnson

Companies are so focused on the importance of optimizing their search results for Google, they often forget the power in including Bing in their online strategy. This could be a mistake, however, since last year Bing held nearly 20% of the search market.

Bing may not surpass Google anytime soon, but while your competitors are busy chugging away at Google SEO, now is your chance to pull ahead in this growing search market. Take advantage of this opportunity for Nashville search engine optimization and capture a new, largely unexplored market.

Bing’s Focus: What Matters

Keywords Matter (More). Google’s algorithm is pretty advanced. It excels at sifting through all the text on your webpage and figuring out content reliability. Bing locates your site by focusing more directly on what is typed into their search box. If your business works in a highly-specialized field, you want to focus your efforts around specific keywords.

Anchor Text and Internal Links. Google is great at judging where your links send users. Outbound links and backlinks are less-favored than using internal backlinks with anchor text focused on your keywords.

Visual Media Reigns King. The impressive range of decisions Google’s algorithm makes when a search is typed allows Google to judge websites on the text. To separate themselves, Bing has focused their efforts on celebrating the websites that utilize audio, video, pictures, and other visual media. It is great at sifting through pictures, and uses a special technique called entity understanding. This allows the search engine to discern whether the picture is a person, place, or object.

Disavow Links. Bing has provided websites with the ability to disavow links that you do not want to be associated with. This is a great way to mitigate the damage done by excessive link-building practices, associations with websites that are spamming lots of SEO links to you, or removing any connection with a flagged website.

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