Pride Month Is More Than A Slogan


Posted on June 20, 2022 by Claire Page

How Your Business Can Be More Than A Slogan During (and beyond) Pride Month

Definition of Sloganeering: the employment or invention of slogans.

Pride Month is amongst us and the rainbow flags are out and slogans, like “love wins” or “be proud no matter what others say” are everywhere. But Pride Month is more than flags and slogans. It is a movement for inclusion and equality. June is the month where the LGBT community is able to bring awareness, campaign, celebrate, and be proud of who they are! But June has not always been a month filled with rainbow flags and slogans, the LGBT community has had to fight for their rights for years to get to this point, and it is only going to get better. But remember, Pride Month is not just a slogan.

Years ago, if you would have said that companies around the world would be supporting the LGBT community openly, some people would have just shook their head and laughed in your face. The LGBT community has seen huge progress in just the last century and have gained support not only from allies but from businesses.

Pride Month especially is a month where there seems to be an extravagant amount of unwavering support. From rainbow flags, a pride parade, slogans, stickers on the front door of their business, you are most likely going to notice these support symbols everywhere you turn in the month of June.

But what happens after Pride Month ends? Is that business that claimed to be a supporter during Pride Month go about their day without having real change for the LGBT community for the rest of the year? Are the slogans they created a once-a year marketing stunt, or are they invoking change year round?

Once-a-year marketing stunts are fine, but today’s consumers are demanding that LGBTQ+ solidarity is backed up with action and support.

For many years now, businesses, including corporate America, have been working hard to improve their brand and company on LGBT issues while also investing in the LGBT culture. Businesses have done this by using marketing tools, like social media, to let LGBT people know that they are open and inclusive on hiring and providing services to the LGBT community.

Pride Month, is when you see the most support from businesses. That being said, the LGBT community wants businesses not only supporting but celebrating year round and not one month out of the year. Members of the LGBT community want commitment to inspire change, powerful advertising and campaigns that drive action.

Nike: A Prime Example of LGBTQ+ Solidarity That Is Backed Up With Action And Support

A great example of a company that does not just use slogans and posts a rainbow flag social media post on instagram and facebook is Nike. While they have the slogan “Sport is Love,” Nike’s pride marketing is much more than just a slogan.

The company has LGBT employees, pride products, a pride summit that happened on June 13th and their “BE TRUE” shoe and clothing line. Nike’s has five LGBT inspiring change makers that shed light on issues that still are impacting the LGBT community. The five team members mission is to “help connect, educate, and bring awareness to make change for a more colorful future that honors unity.”

According to Nike’s website “BE TRUE” is part of their broader commitment to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community. “BE TRUE” focuses on “recognition, advocacy, inspiration, and education through community grants, employee engagement, storytelling, and product collections.” Even though you may see their slogan on social media, you also know that they are doing way more than just a post during pride month, they are making positive change for the LGBTQ people throughout the year.

How You Can Be An Ally Year Round And Not Just During Pride Month

If you are not a LGTBQ+ owned business, you can still be an ally by showing your support, celebrating pride, and taking action and a stand that shows positive results. Brands, organizations, and companies can show support and inclusion to not only their customers but employees in various ways. Here are some ways that you can be an ally all year:

  1. Show diversity when hiring employees and be accepting to all LGBT members.
  2. Provide equitable benefits for employees!
  3. Provide a safe space for your LGBTQ+ employees to be heard and seen.
  4. Spread the word that you are inclusive on your website and social media platforms!
  5. Have a LGBT pride themed party to celebrate your employees and consumers outside of Pride month!
  6. Have a year long campaign and donate the sales from the campaign to a LGBT organization.
  7. You could sell merchandise. For example, a rainbow logo on t-shirts to bring awareness to the LGBT life and lifestyle year round.
  8. Having advertisements that promote being inclusive and hiring people that are a part of the LGBT community.

Now that you know how important it is to not just use a slogan or put a rainbow flag in the business during pride month but to actually have a positive impact all year, it is time to start implementing actions! Young people especially are impacting the work place by vetting for equal rights and LGBT inclusion. Young or old, no matter your age though, you can make a difference. Do not be just a slogan, have a slogan where when people see it they are reminded by the change you are doing for the LGBT community.

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