Remote Graphic Designers Guide: 10 Ways To Task Manage


Posted on March 9, 2018 by Aaron Johnson

As a remote graphic designer so much is at your disposal. Creating tremendous and helpful graphics by hand or computer software requires great skills. As a designer, you need to have a set of guidelines that will help you give your best in your job. Combining art and technology to come up with great images and visuals that communicate and pass a great message is not that easy. However, with the right guides this task will be much easier. The industry of graphic designing evolves so fast. It is essential, as a remote graphic designer, to keep up with the latest trends to deliver excellent quality work to your clients. A task manager monitors and gives information about programs and how they work. Task management is an important aspect in any organization’s design work. This article covers 10 way to task manage.


Guide to task managing

Managing your tasks well as a remote designer will significantly help you to serve your clients well and provide services that satisfy them. Below are some tips on how to task manage your design work in order to deliver quality.


Create a working plan

Having a plan of work on how to handle various tasks within an organization makes it easy to achieve your targets. There are applications and software that you can use to create a work plan. With a work plan, it becomes easy to track the progress of your work.


Ensure continuous feedback

At every stage of your project, it is essential to notify your clients of your progress. Communication is vital. It helps you build trust with your client, which will in turn have positive impacts on your business.


Delegate work

At times, you cannot do all the tasks alone. It will be time-consuming, non-productive as well as energy-consuming. Delegating work or outsourcing some aspects of the project will help you deliver quality. You will not be responsible for every working detail of the project. On delegation of work, ensure that you give the job to someone who can deliver excellent quality. Ensure the person is credible and can offer quality within the set deadline.


Be smart in your strategy

Always deliver on what you promise. Developing an intelligent goal for your project is essential. Being strategic and focused on your project goal will help you provide quality professional work to your clients. Have measurable goals with a systematic process on how to complete the project. Being smart in your plans will help you manage your projects well. You will know how to give your clients best quality as you have a specific goal set to achieve.


Streamline your time tracking

Designing is a time-consuming task. If you do not keep track of time, it can be quite challenging to meet deadlines. Using great tools to track your time is vital for your business and the project you will be handling.  Taking time management issue seriously is critical to you when handling any piece of design work. If you took up a project and for some reasons you cannot meet the deadline, outsource some resources to make work completion easier and faster.


Assemble the tools to be used

To efficiently manage tasks as a graphic designer, you need a variety of tools and resources. Before you start up a project, ensure that you assemble all the resources necessary for your design. This will save time and help you in faster project delivery. It is a great way to keep you focused on the job that you will be doing.


Set and manage expectations

Not all projects will go as planned. As a virtual graphic designer, it is essential to establish expectations and control them. It is a great idea to have set strategies to handle any expectations that may arise when working on a project. Projects do not always go smoothly to completion. It is essential to be prepared for any outcomes of your project.



You have probably heard of that old saying ‘No man is an island’. You might get stuck in your different tasks. We all do, and graphic designing is no exception. Feel free to consult with other graphic designers or any other person with technical design expertise. Do not let yourself suffer and have a headache while you can be helped if you ask for help.

From consulting, you can get great actionable tips that will make it easy to complete your projects. Joining forums with other graphic designers is essential. Asking and answering questions will help you know some things that otherwise you would not have known. This information can help you task manage.


Set a budget for your client

Many times we undervalue the quality of work that we deliver — this comes down to how much we charge our clients. As a graphic designer, you need to have a set budget that you will discuss with your client. Having a set budget will help you know how much technical skill input you will need to use in your task. It will also help you grow your business and motivate you, as you will be adequately compensated for your efforts.


Be flexible

Clients will at times need some additional work done on their project. As a way to manage the tasks, it is essential to be flexible with your terms of employment. However, ensure that the client pays for additional tasks that you deliver to them. Create room for additional tasks and adjustments in your work contracts with your clients. This is essential as it helps you present quality projects.

Graphic designing requires excellent art skills and technical expertise. Your projects can be time-consuming depending on what the clients want. It is advisable to embrace a great task management strategy as it plays a significant role in helping you deliver quality work on time. In addition, managing your tasks efficiently will boost your productivity and help you provide exceptional quality on all projects. With the above mentioned ways, you can be assured of much efficiency in your organization. As such, if necessary, you should consider hiring a remote graphics designer company for advanced benefits.

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