Results with Adobe XD 


Posted on August 9, 2022 by Claire Page

As a Full-Service Marketing Agency, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to help our clients succeed. With Adobe Xd, we’ve found a powerful tool that helps us achieve great results for our clients. It allows us to create designs that are both professional and engaging, which helps us stand out from the competition. XD allows us to quickly create mock-ups and prototypes which gives our clients an easy-to-review URL for feedback and client thoughts. 

What is Adobe XD used for?

You may be wondering what Adobe XD actually is. Right from the source, according to an article, Adobe wrote, “Adobe XD is a powerful and easy to use vector-based experience design platform that gives teams the tools they need to create the world’s best experiences collaboratively.” Adobe XD is a user interface design software program that can create prototypes for a variety of digital products, including apps, games, marketing campaigns, voice assistants, and websites. We have found that Adobe XD is an essential tool in our workflow, and we use it to help us with a variety of client projects.

Adobe XD’s Unique Features

In today’s world, everything is on a screen and will continue to be that way in the future. The unique features of Adobe XD make it stand out from other design software programs, and we have found that it is the perfect tool for our team to use when working on client projects. It has many features that make it unique compared to other design software programs, including its ability to quickly create mock-ups and designs being easily shared with clients or team members.

When asked, our Senior Designer why she prefers XD over other applications she said “I prefer XD for websites because the platform easily allows you to create responsive websites and I love how easy it is to share your design without building up file names such as, “this-is-the-last-final_FINAL.pdf”. This also allows for our developer can easily access all of the assets”

Adobe XD Unique Features Include:

  • 3D Transforms allow us to rotate or move objects in space while adding the appearance of depth to give the look of an immersive dimension. Using 3D transforms we are able to select components, enable 3D transforms by clicking the 3D cube icon, and rotate objects by using the canvas controls in the property inspector.
  • Components allow us to create a design once and be able to reuse it everywhere while cutting down our time on duplicating designs. Components start with designing a UI element, then selecting the layers to make a component, and finally adding states to have different interactions.
  • Repeat Grid allows us to repeat galleries, menus, and lists. With a simple click and drag, we can turn one single element into repeating grids. Using Repeat Grid boosts our workflow while putting all of our elements in the right place.
  • Video & Lottie Playback allows us to embed videos and render animations on clients’ websites and apps.
  • Auto-Animate allows us to add motion effects, smooth transitions, playful interactions, and motion effects to our designs. This creates animation to keep your audience engaged.

How We Use Adobe XD To Create Our Client’s Projects

At our agency, we rely on Adobe XD to create stunning visuals for our client’s projects. From initial concepts to final designs, XD provides the tools we need to bring our ideas to life. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, XD helps us to communicate our vision clearly and efficiently. In each stage of the design process, XD lets us iterate quickly and make changes easily. And because it’s built for collaboration, we can easily share our work with clients and get their feedback.

We are excited to continue using Adobe XD as part of our workflow, and we know that it will help us achieve even better results for our clients in the future. Xd’s intuitive interface and powerful features have allowed us to create winning designs for our clients time and time again. Let Social Link help you create more engaging content with our proven techniques, including Adobe XD! 

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