Why Sleep Is Important For Productivity


Posted on May 10, 2018 by Aaron Johnson

Why Sleep Is Important For Productivity

Imagine spending long hours on a project, say optimizing a client’s blog. You have no room for breaks and depend on coffee to stay awake. By the time you head home, it is already midnight, but there is a catch, you must be up by 4 am to wrap up and deliver the work.

You are at your desk by 8 am and work comfortably with a tea and lunch break. By 5 pm or 5.30 pm, you are on your way home where you supervise the kids’ homework, have dinner, watch TV or read a book. By 11 pm, you are deep asleep and are guarantee eight hours of sleep.

Which of the two ‘persons’ would you prefer? Sleep deprivation can seriously hamper your productivity. You need an average of between 7-9 hours of rest, in our case, sleep. Experts’ advice that you should make getting sufficient sleep a part of your career. Does sleep enhance your productivity?

Improved memory

With a good night’s sleep, your mind gets to absorb and store the things you have been learning all day. The lack of it impacts your memory.

Fewer mistakes

Lack of sleep reduces your response time. Besides, it hampers your rate of accuracy particularly with figures.

No burnout

Less sleep at night causes your body to feel fatigued. The mind zones out too, and you can hardly focus on anything.

Less anxiety

A loss of sleep causes your mind to be more volatile resulting in the inability to control fear, anger and other emotions. With such, you cannot handle pressure from clients or team members.

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