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Posted on February 24, 2021 by Aaron Johnson

Social Link is the social media marketing agency that you’ve been looking for.

A social media marketing agency has the ability to take your brand to the next level.

Social Link is a social media marketing agency with the expertise your business needs.
We specialize in everything from social media management and website design to content generation and PPC management.

Implementing a social media marketing strategy is a must for all brands. Marketing strategies and social media plans are game-changers in the constantly evolving digital world.

The online landscape is competitive. Much like New York City, it never sleeps. It’s always growing. That’s why social media marketing is complex and ever-changing.

Trying to find success in the social world? Social Link recommends creating a targeted social media marketing strategy.

social media planning
Source: client targeting strategy

What is a social media marketing strategy?

First, a social media marketing strategy takes ideas and converts them into actionable offerings and specific brand messages.

Then, these messages are spread to defined audience members. Your audience could be current customers, new prospects, or both.

Social marketing strategies ensure your digital presence reflects your brand’s values, mission, and ideals.

These plans allow brands to create and share engaging online experiences. If done successfully, your social marketing strategy converts visitors into loyal advocates and customers.

Why should my business work with a social media marketing agency?

Successful social media marketing can make or break your business.

Previous marketing methods like billboards, newspaper ads, and radio commercials are not as successful as they once were. Customers are shifting toward a more digital lifestyle.

“Added together, the world’s social media users will spend a total of 3.7 trillion hours on social media in 2021 – equivalent to more than 420 million years of combined human existence,” HootSuite’s marketing blog explains.

HootSuite continues to detail the sheer amount of social media users: “There are now 4.20 billion social media users around the world. This figure has grown by 490 million over the past 12 months, delivering year-on-year growth of more than 13%. The number of social media users is now equivalent to more than 53% of the world’s total population.”

social media marketing ad
source: actual social media marketing agency creatives

Social media marketing is influential.

These whopping numbers showcase the far reach social media has in the world. Clearly, it is very influential.

Social media is not just a place to catch up with friends and family. Social platforms are now spaces for consumers to research brands and educate themselves on goods and services.

It’s easier than ever to quickly assess (and judge) a company’s digital presence.

54% of Internet users utilize social media to research products.

Does your business have a nonexistent or negative online presence? If so, it is detrimental to your bottom line. Sounds dramatic? It’s not. It’s the truth.

79% of consumers expect brands to respond within 24 hours of reaching out on social media. Your brand must provide customers with the best possible online experience. This is easily accomplished with the assistance of a marketing agency.

source: Tiktok marketing agency ad strategy

Social media marketing agencies are experts at their craft.

A social media marketing agency helps identify your target audience, build customer journeys, lead buyers to your site, and much more.

Agencies like Social Link understand the challenges, rules, and principles of marketing.

There is much to consider. It takes a lot of effort and expertise to create and implement a successful social marketing strategy. That’s why we recommend partnering with a social media marketing agency.

source: actual client social media marketing agency branding

By working with a social media marketing agency, your business will:


Generate more leads

Social media marketing agencies know how to catch the eyes of consumers. That’s just the start. Next up: content, graphics, video, and more. These tools create engaging online experiences that grab the audience’s attention and generate leads.

Generate more online revenue

Social media marketing agencies know the power of online sales. We harness that power to generate more online revenue for your business. Our expertise comes in handy when you’re looking to grow revenue.

Generate more online impressions via targeting

A social media marketing agency is an expert at creating targeted ads. Targeted ads reach the right people. Targeting is crucial for generating more online impressions (and ultimately generating more business). When it comes to targeted ads, we know exactly what to do, and how to do it well.

If your business is interested in….

  •  Boosting leads
  • Fostering engagement
  • Inspiring customer loyalty
  • Connecting with digital influencers and online leaders
  • Reaching new audiences

…Then working with a social media marketing agency like Social Link is for you!

Social Link specializes in 360-degree solutions. First, we start with targeting. Next, we tackle content generation and distribution. Finally, analysis, reporting, and optimization finish out the strategy.


5 Ways Social Media Marketing Agencies Help Your Business:

source: social media marketing agency dashboard

Marketing agencies set specific goals for your brand

Every brand has different social media needs. A social media marketing agency tailors specific goals to the needs of your operation.

We know how to create realistic business goals that are industry-specific and easy to track.

Social Link helps organizations tackle reasonable goals. We increase brand awareness, generate leads, boost sales, and keep your clients satisfied.

Marketing agencies define your target audience.

Many brands struggle with properly defining a target audience. They either choose an audience that is too broad or too narrow.

A social media marketing agency helps you define the right target audience. In addition, we work with you on ways to better connect with current customers.

Marketing agencies create rich, engaging content.

To be successful, your brand needs to produce rich, eye-catching content. This includes copy, imagery, and videos.

A social media marketing agency knows how to craft engaging content for a variety of platforms.

79% of people say that user-generated content on social media significantly impacts their purchasing decisions, according to a recent HubSpot article.

Social media marketing agencies like Social Link ensure your brand’s message is being shared via digital platforms. These include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or SnapChat.

Social Link collaborates with you to create content for a variety of social media platforms. We work tirelessly to curate posts that reach a wide audience and make their mark. Our content performs well and delivers.

source: LGBT Chamber social media advertising

Marketing agencies know where to post content.

Regardless of the app you use for social media marketing, Social Link recommends posting relevant content. This means your audience should find your posts useful or beneficial.

It’s best for a post to be on brand and applicable to your followers. Data-focused stories perform well. Also, authentic creative content gets the best results.

Some businesses make the mistake of copying other brands’ marketing content. However, this strategy backfires. What works for one brand doesn’t always work for another.

Above all, organizations need to be true to their own personal brand. Consider your company’s mission, values, and beliefs.

Customers can tell when a business is phoning it in or posting just for the sake of it. Authentic passion and enthusiasm translate well into marketing efforts.

Think of social media as an opportunity for genuine storytelling. Tell the truth and people will relate to that more than an overly polished post. An honest approach cultivates brand loyalty.

Agencies understand social media marketing data.

source: client social media marketing advertising

Social media marketing is data driven.

Marketing agencies effectively monitor your campaign’s success. Tracking tools and data analytics programs make this process efficient.

The advancement of technology allows organizations to capture more quantifiable data than before.

However, raw data does not automatically translate into important insights. The numbers need to be properly analyzed before you can make business decisions.

This is another reason you should use a social media marketing agency. We know how to analyze and interpret data. Also, we are experts at determining when to pivot or make changes.

By understanding and effectively using data analytics, agencies work to grow your business. This occurs by optimizing conversion rates and increasing sales.

Data reports and metrics allow for subsequent reflection. A social media marketing agency helps organizations analyze strategies. Also, we highlight potential opportunities for business improvement.


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Interested in working with a social media marketing agency?

If you’re ready to take your brand to new heights, then consider a social marketing agency! It will be the best decision you make.

Collaborating with Social Link means your business can build a successful marketing strategy.

When you partner with Social Link, you have freedom to focus on your business. We take care of the nitty gritty marketing work so you don’t have to.
Social Link is ready for any challenge. Our vast experience in branding, digital marketing, and product development make us the clear choice.

Social Link’s mission? To help build your online presence and gain enough visibility for customers to find you. More importantly, we help you stand out.

As a leader in the marketing world, our talented team is here as creators, strategists, and distributors to take your marketing to the next level.

Who We Are

Social Link’s marketing experts get the job done. We are ready to retarget website users, grow your customer base, increase your ROI, or craft compelling copy.

As a top virtual marketing agency, we efficiently streamline your digital marketing efforts.

We set up full-funnel sales and marketing tools. Sit back and watch us attract, nurture, convert, and delight your audience.

Moreover, our proven expert solutions and methods come highly recommended by past and current clients.

Social Link works with you to define outcomes, offerings, and your message. Our strategic planning and management skills are the best in the business.

You’ll receive a seamless campaign experience with unified, targeted messages for customers.

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