Top 3 Things To Know About Content Generation


Posted on May 12, 2018 by Aaron Johnson

Top 3 Things To Know About Content Generation


Content generation is one aspect of online writing that comes with a choice. You can decide to write something quickly and post it on your site without much thought. On the contrary, you may choose the hard way, researching and carefully crafting words that build your brand. The first option leads to nowhere. With such content, your site loses credibility while your efforts go to waste.

While generating content:

  1. Be original

Copying what other people have written and trying to pass it off as yours is a copyright violation. A few years ago, content directories used to have their articles in top rankings. However, following an algorithm update by Google, duplicate, and poorly written content soon went to the bottom of the pile. Pursue originality even if you are using another person’s material.

  1. Make keywords your point of focus

The motive for posting content online is so that people can come to you as the solution. However, you cannot become the go-to person if you do not know what they are looking for or where they search. To generate articles that people come searching for, get to know your target audience’s persona. After that, find words that people are using a lot and then develop your content around these keywords.

  1. Diversify

Diversification attracts an audience’s attention. Use different content generation formats. For instance, infographics are the most effective way of sharing research findings as compared to PDFs. Other forms include videos, lists, surveys, printables and newsletters.


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