Video Editing Tips Every Learner Should Know


Posted on November 18, 2019 by Aaron Johnson

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People spend most of their online time today watching videos so it’s essential that businesses learn certain video editing tips as they grow. Consumers love video content because it is so much easier for them to absorb than reading huge blocks of text. What makes this even more amazing is that it’s extremely easy to create and publish videos! It’s an exciting time for content developers.

The only downside is that videos intimidate so many entrepreneurs that they avoid it altogether. However, it’s not really that scary. Technology has made the entire process easier than ever!

Videos Have a Huge Impact on your Brand

A one-minute video can provide the same information as 1,000 words of text. More importantly, videos have an emotional impact on the viewer. People base the majority of their purchase decisions on their emotional state so a video can be a powerful selling tool. Following the right video editing tips will ensure that you are creating the best videos. Plus, videos can be viewed from anywhere. People live on their smartphones today so they are absorbing more content than ever. In 2020, we are expecting the mobile network to make the change to 5G so that means even more videos will be consumed.

With that in mind, here are some video editing tips that every learner should know.

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#1: Make Sure to Choose the Right Software

Everything falls back to software so if you are using subpar programs, then your videos are going to be amateurish. However, there is no single video editing software that’s a clear favorite. A lot of this decision will come down to personal preference. Which features do you desire above all others? Is it important that the software is easy to use? Are you willing to give up a few advanced features in exchange for an easy to navigate program?

These are questions that will help you choose the right software. Start by looking at After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro.

#2: Utilize Lower-Third Graphics

Putting text in videos significantly increases their conversion rate because a lot of social media sites will automatically play a video, but they do it with the sound muted. But text will still show up so if the viewer sees something that interests them, they will then turn the sound on. Video editing tools will allow you to add text onto the bottom of the screen. It’s the same as you see with news broadcasts and sporting events.

Let’s assume that you are creating a video to introduce your audience to members of the team behind creating their favorite products. During these interviews, you might want to display their name and position.

#3: Using the Right Sounds and Music

Adding background music or specific special effects to a video is a great way to add dimension to it. Sounds hit us on an emotional level so when you add in the right music or SFX, then your videos are going to elicit a specific emotional reaction. The trick is to pick out the sounds that fit in with the overall theme of the video. For instance, using heavy metal wouldn’t be appropriate for a video trying to elicit a calm emotional reaction.

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#4: Master the Jump Cut

All video editing tips have their place, but the jump cut is one of the most highly used techniques available. It’s used mainly to collapse time and save space by pushing the narrative forward. No one wants to watch the boring elements that happen between point A and point B. They want to stick with the action. However, the only problem is that most beginners use too many jump cuts and completely ignore all other video editing methods at their disposal.

So, my advice is to make sure that you are using jump cuts at the right moments.

#5: Keep Editing in Mind While You’re Filming the Video

One of the amazing parts about creating digital videos is that they are easy to edit once you’re done. However, you will end up with a lot of extra footage that you’ll have to choose from. Video editing is time consuming. That’s why experts always film their videos with editing in mind. For instance, if you are filming a video that has to be synced with music, then you can have that track playing while the video is being filmed. Then you will simply have to link them together during the editing phase.

#6: Learn to Keep your Videos as Short as Possible

The goal of a video should never be based on length. It should be based on the content itself. Therefore, keep your videos as short as possible while still delivering the message. People have a short attention span so they are not going to watch a video that’s 10 minutes long when the same message could have been delivered in a 3-minute video.

Also limit fun transitions so that they are rare. That way when you do use one, it has more impact. Most transitions should be short cuts or fades in order to tighten up videos. Just remember to only use transitions when they are necessary. Most videos that we see on social media are shot in one short and simple set with no cuts. That’s because video technology today makes it much easier to do this.

Finally, short videos must also be highly engaging. Keep the audience on the edge of their seats so that when you deliver the call to action, they are compelled to follow through. Remember, people base most of their decisions on emotion, so if you get them into the right emotional state, then they are more likely to follow through.

Final Thoughts

The Back Office Pro Company understands that it takes years to master the art of video editing. It’s a skill that must be developed over time but following through with these video editing tips will help push you in the right direction.


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