Cool Businesses That Are Making Nashville a Hot Place to Live


Posted on March 5, 2018 by Aaron Johnson

Over the past ten years, Nashville has seen a population boom… and the country is taking notice. Major businesses, as well as trendy startups, have begun opening branches in the Music City attracting more and more creative and marketing talent. Here are just a few of the businesses that are making Nashville the cool new hub for art, entertainment, hospitality, technology, and medicine.

Third Man Records

We’re already on the record as big-time Jack White fans. Opened by former White Stripes front man Jack White in 2009, Third Man Records has since evolved into a record studio, storefront, event space, and record label with a talented and eclectic line-up. White is a leading figure in the current renaissance of vinyl records. In the famous Blue Room concert venue, artists can record their performances directly onto vinyl records. He also opened a vinyl pressing plant in conjunction with the record label’s second location in Detroit, boasting the first new pressing machines to be built in thirty years.


Building on Nashville’s burgeoning medical technology industry, InQuicker consolidates front of house scheduling services into one easy to use web-based interface for patients and health care providers. Founded in 2006, the company has charted significant rises in patient enrollment and online patient conversions for their customers and is now used by over one hundred health systems nationwide.

Ingram Content Group

We’ll confess to a bias in Ingram’s favor—some of our people used to work there. But it’s not just us bragging about the company that reinvented publishing. It consistently ranks high on lists of the coolest companies to work for in Nashville. The company doesn’t just distribute physical and digital books… it also gives back to the community through volunteering and education assistance programs.

Nerdy Talk Trivia

Every night, somewhere in Nashville, groups of friends team up for Nerdy Talk Trivia. Middle Tennessee State University alum Seth Tidwell started Nerdy Talk Trivia in 2009 as a passion project and now the company hosts game nights at fifty locations in three different states. What sets Nerdy Talk Trivia apart is that the questions (all written by Tidwell) are all designed to be on the tip of your tongue—not too hard, never too easy. In addition to carefully curated questions, Tidwell hand- selects the hosts and forms partnerships with radio stations and the city’s thriving restaurant and bar scene.


They’re not Nashville native, but they’re definitely making friends around here. In 2015, San Francisco-based ride sharing service Lyft opened its doors to a new customer experience center in downtown Nashville. This new office created new jobs in both tech development and custumer service, making Nashville a destination for innovative tech industry workers. With Nashville’s public transportation system struggling to keep up with a rising population and a lack of affordable parking, Lyft’s peer-to-peer ride-sharing services are a popular and safe way to connect Nashville’s sprawling neighborhoods.

Our headquarters are in Nashville… our virtual talent works across the country… and our marketing services are effective everywhere! If you’re looking to join the ranks of amazing Nashville startups (or wherever you happen to be), we’ll help you get there.

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