5 Things to Know When Looking for a Web Designer


Posted on September 3, 2015 by Aaron Johnson

How to Find the Right Web Designer for You

Web designers come from many diverse backgrounds. As with any service, fit is one of the most important indicators to future success. If you aren’t comfortable working with an individual or team, you may not see eye-to-eye on strategy, tactics, or design elements. Find a web designer that can make your online content shine with these tips:

Can the web designer work with preexisting technology? Many business websites are tied into internal systems like accounting, billing, or CRM programs. Choose web designers in Nashville who understand your background processes and who can help you find custom solutions for your needs.

    1. Will the design require intensive maintenance? You may or may not be ready to take on a web design that requires increased graphics production or regular updates with current content. Before you set your heart on a design, make sure that your designer understands your long-term goals for the site design and how users will be interacting with it.


    1. Does the designer understand your business and audience? Web designers that fail to do research and don’t listen carefully to understand your brand, mission, and market may miss the mark when they start to incorporate design elements. A great designer will ask you many in-depth questions about your company before offering advice on design and functionality.


    1. Does the designer understand the end-game? Successful designers will refer to terms like ROI, business goals, lead generation, and other business-related goals concerning your website. Look for the designer who understands the importance of high-quality content and ignore phrases that don’t directly tie into your needs. Words like branding, clean, and passion are expected in design work, but the main goals of a professional website include engaging and converting prospects.


    1. Does the designer deliver custom content? Anyone can create a website based on a template. A successful web designer will custom build a site to match his or her clients’ needs. References can be helpful for checking customer satisfaction but they may not tell the whole story. Ask about the results of a web design instead of judging a designer based on his or her portfolio alone.


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