Website Elements That Convert PPC Campaigns


Posted on August 7, 2015 by Aaron Johnson

Optimize your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns with the right website features for improved conversion rates. PPC advertising is a great way to improve traffic flow in a short period of time, but the wrong elements can leave a campaign with a poor ROI. Make sure that your Nashville web design features the right PPC-friendly elements to drive traffic from the right audience at the right time. Check out these great conversion-focused tactics:

  • Focus on landing page links – Landing pages are the lynchpin for PPC campaigns. If your website’s landing page doesn’t perfectly align with your advertising content, then you may lose touch with meaningful traffic. For example, if your PPC content advertises hair coloring from a salon and spa, send the consumer to the landing page of your Nashville web design for hair color, not the spa’s homepage, which may feature a laundry list of services. Target the consumer’s interest, specifically.
  • Optimize your landing pages with high quality content – The right link is not enough to earn a high conversion rate. Your landing pages also need to answer common questions, feature strong CTAs, and offer testimonials, reviews, or other engaging content. Content should remain relevant and consistent across search queries, ad copy, and landing pages for the best click-through-rate and conversion rate increases.
  • Strategically draw attention to special promotions – Unless routine sales are part of your company’s sales strategy, use samples, free eBook access, and other value-driven special offers in your PPC campaign. Only offer deals to those who sign up for your content or who make a purchase.
  • Readjust regularly – One of the benefits of PPC campaigns is the ability to track the keywords and ad placements that are providing results. Successful PPC organizers don’t just start a campaign and let it run its course. They constantly reevaluate the data and adjust landing pages and content as necessary to improve results.

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