Does Your Website Play Well with Mobile Devices? It Should


Posted on February 20, 2014 by Aaron Johnson

In 2014, mobile advertising spending is set to hit $18 billion.


What does this mean? It means that brands are waking up to the fact that consumers are relying on mobile devices to connect and make purchases.


Does your website play well with mobile devices? If not, here are three reasons it should.


  1. In 2013, over 90% of adults owned cell phones. If your business’ audience consists of adults, you need to make sure your brand reaches them wherever they are.


  1. Over 70% of mobile shoppers place importance on mobile-friendly sites. Brand sites that load slowly or incorrectly are quickly shunned by mobile users.


  1. Nearly 3 out of 4 mobile users rely on their device to conduct searches for local businesses. If your website isn’t accessible on a mobile device, your customers will move on to the next business on the search results page.


What steps will your brand take to connect with mobile users?

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