GO VIRTUAL! 4 Reasons Why Hiring a Virtual Agency is The Easiest Call You’ll Make Today


Posted on August 16, 2017 by Aaron Johnson

Nobody ever started an agency review process by saying, “Let’s see if we can’t find a way to pay more money for the second-best people out there.” And yet so many reviews led to exactly that… with a few months of wasted time thrown in for dessert.

Established agencies promise heavyweight expertise: you’ll wind up paying for their heavy overhead. Boutiques offer a hands-on approach… which they’ve already offered to ten other clients. And resourcing agencies can introduce you to great talent—and then promptly vanish after they make the introduction.

But there’s a way to get the best of all three—leadership, focus, and a deep bench—and it’s ready to work for you now. It’s called Going Virtual, and it’s the trend that’s changing marketing. Very simply, a virtual agency is able to assemble top talent quickly and put it to work under dedicated, strategic leadership. Here’s why it pays to go virtual:

  1. You Won’t Pay For What You Don’t Need.

    So you like Agency X’s hand-tooled leather sofa and wet bar? Good, because they’re burying all those costs in their next invoice. A virtual agency can afford to provide a high level of service without the high overhead.

  2. Brilliant People Working Where They Work Best.

    Virtual agencies have a direct line to smart people who are good enough to work anywhere… so they’ve decided to work from home. It saves a lot on drive time!

  3. They’re Already On Board.

    Hiring freelancers isn’t a timesaver if you’re wasting time getting them up to speed. The best virtuals are experts at remote collaboration—they won’t iron out their hassles on your dime.

  4. No Schmoes, All Pros

    . How about those A-team guys from the pitch? They’re not on your project: say hello to the warm bodies. On a virtual team, there’s nowhere to hide or slack off. All the talent is top talent.

Beware: not every agency calling itself “virtual” is actually a virtual agency. The best ones offer strategic expertise and project management… a virtual marketing department that’s ready to roll on your command. If that sounds good to you, contact us and we’ll show you a lot more reasons to go virtual.

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