Top 10 Tools You Didn’t Know WordPress Offered


Posted on June 9, 2015 by Aaron Johnson

There are certain things every online vendor needs. Following are the top 10 tools that Wordpress offers to make online sales a piece of cake, and you may not have heard of them.

1) WooCommerce: This plugin allows users to change their sites into full-fledged ecommerce destinations. It is a fully customizable download, working with every Wordpress theme and hosting almost every feature a vendor might need on their site.

2) Cart66: Cart66 boasts some impressive features. It is geared toward sites that utilize a premium membership function, and the platform allows for easy recurring payments for both digital and physical sales.

3) Easy Digital Downloads: As the name suggests, this plugin aims to make the purchase and download of digital material as easy as possible. Its features include allowing bundle purchases, a sophisticated cart system, and allowing users to access their payment history.

4) Table Rate Shipping: This WordPress selling tool gives users the ability to customize their shipping needs. It can create shipping zones, generate shipping rates based on the features of the package, and allow users to choose from a variety of shipping options.

5) SocialCoupon: To encourage customers to promote your goods, you may want to look into this plugin. It offers discounts and coupons to shoppers who share, like, or otherwise reference your page.

6) WooCommerce SEO: SEO is complicated, but this product makes getting your page noticed a little easier. It takes some of the guesswork out of SEO by assisting with labelling, URLs, and template design.

7) Product Countdown: Establishing an air of scarcity is a well-known marketing tactic, and this plugin does just that. A ticker reminding shoppers how long they have to purchase can help them go from prospective buyers to satisfied customers.

8) KissMetrics: This handy WordPress selling tool allows users to track who has visited, shared, and engaged with their site.

9) Currency Converter: The internet is a global platform, so a currency converter is the perfect thing to keep your sales strong, no matter where your customers reside.

10) Social Login and Checkout Plugin: An easy transaction is a happy one, and this plugin allows your customers to use their social media accounts to checkout with few questions and little effort.

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