The Team


Brady O'Rourke

I’ve always been the type of person that loves to creatively problem solve and make impact. I’m an avid dog lover, palm tree hugger, value family and friends.

My time at Social Link is spent on generating growth as a company and to our team members.

My favorite part of being apart of the team is finding ways for all relationships to be win-win – both with our clients and employees.

Fun fact: My first business I started at 15. I was a traveling DJ, had four wedding DJs, and rented concert equipment. I opened for Vannilla Ice, Afroman, Tech9, Atmosphere, and others.

VP Business Development

Tyler Dishman

I am from East Tennessee and grew up in the mountains. My role at Social Link is to grow partnerships and build a successful future for our company and our partners. My favorite part of being on the Social Link team is being able to having a team around me that wants to grow and push themselves to be better for themselves, our company, and our clients.

Fun fact: I had a professional bowling average when I was 14. 🤷‍♂️

Director of Quality & Operations

Cody Landrum

I’m Cody Landrum, I am originally from Cincinnati OH and moved to Nashville 5 years ago. I was brought on as the director of quality and operations. I am here to help create and optimize processes for a more effective functioning workplace. I really enjoy getting to help craft the future of Social Link and have a hand in all of the fun and exciting things that are coming.

Fun Fact…… I’ve played soccer with David Beckham.

Creative Director

Kristi Evans

I’m Kristi! I’m from Memphis and went to The Art of Institute of Nashville. I have a BFA in fine arts 🎨 and I’m an award 🏆 winning graphic designer. I’ve designed for the TN State fair and Disney.

I started working with Social Link as a contractor 4 years ago and now I am a full-time Creative Director. I am over all creatives-which is pretty neat. I enjoy creating. My favorite part about being a part of Social Link is having the opportunity to create something new almost every day and growing as designerer.

Fun fact: I’m /somewhat/ tiktok famous 😏

Social Media Marketer

Summer Lowe

Hi! I’m Summer ☀️ I am originally from the sunshine state (Florida) and I moved to Nashville shortly after I graduated college. I have the pleasure of doing all things social media related here at Social Link, a social media marketer if you will. In my time at Social Link I have learned so much while being able to have a creative outlet as well. My favorite part about Social Link is the connections with co-workers and clients.

Fun fact about me: I had a TikTok featured on Jimmy Fallon.

Web Developer

Aaron Johnson

I am A-A-Ron, I am originally from Roanoke, VA, but have called The Music City home for over 27 years. I was brought on as a full-stack developer. I am here to oversee the the development side of the business to allow us as an agency to develop stable, secure, and high-quality websites and applications for our clients. I think we have an incredible team, and love working together with them to meet our clients’ needs.

Fun fact about me: I was a golf professional before becoming a developer.