What is a social media influencer?


Posted on May 10, 2022 by thesociallink

Leverage social media influencers for specific, effective target marketing

Ever feel like some people on social media are inescapable? Always in your feed? And … do you read what they post, and sometimes go take a look at a place, or product, they’re talking about? Bingo. You’ve been influenced.

Social media influencers do just that — they leverage a massive online presence to nudge their viewers toward something they’ve been paid to promote. It could be yogurt, a Scottish resort, a shoe line … you get the idea. Connecting with these people can be a terrific addition to the work your digital marketing agency is doing to put business in front of an audience you’re after — provided you do it the right way. 

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Here are a few tips:

Tap the right ambassador. Are you trying to reach college students? Women in their 20s? Men in their 40s? You know that advertising campaigns are built around having the right look, tone and message for your target group. The right social media influencer is key as well, because the wrong one will not only get fewer interactions, you’ll turn off your target group because they’ll think you are tone deaf to their interests.

Build the right campaign. There’s more to it than paying someone to throw your name out in a few Instagram or Twitter posts. It’s smart to think of that activity as a gateway to engagement, but only if you’ve got something behind the gate. A landing page, video tour, promotional pricing … there are lots of ways to go, the goal being to create an experiential destination for that prospect.

Do the right research. Know the “who” behind the “what” when it comes to this kind of digital marketing campaign. A good digital marketing agency will work with you to create personas for your products and services. Sure, you know who your audience is, but they’ll know who your audience should be — and often the two aren’t exactly aligned. Knowing who you’re speaking to will make sure any influencer-based marketing is spot on and gets the clicks, views and engagement you’re paying for.

It comes down to this: social media influencers tell a story. Some of them have millions of followers. They’re just one of the many tools and techniques Social Link uses to craft a brand profile that gives them a terrific story to share with their audience. Let’s explore how to elevate your message and get it ready for that kind of amplification.

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